I wake up on this morning; my mind is tired and dull,
Dour thoughts and feelings are running through my skull.
The mundane thoughts and actions that rule our lives down here
Are driving me to distraction and madness is coming near

Now itís time to leave this place, if only for a time
And head toward that country that I like to think as mine.
Out into the desert that beautiful expanse
In its every rock and tree is the pull of sweet romance.

Some say that there is nothing there, just sand and dust and wind,
But if they think that thatís the case, itís a place theyíve never been.
For the desert is a living place with a life thatís all  its own,
Where your mind and heart can travel wherever it can roam

There is peace and quiet and beauty everywhere you look,
And if you really see it, itís beauty it becomes an open book.
The wide expanse of treeless plain, the saltbush on the ground,
The background silence haunts you and magnifies every sound

At night you roll your swag out in the back tray of the ute,
Above you in the heavens the sky is wears its golden suit.
Then with unexpected suddenness the dark night sky descends,
And the dayís heat abandons you as the light of day just ends.

Then the sky above you offers you a wondrous gift:
A thousand million diamonds lie above you in the rift.
These jewels are there before you on velvet soft and dark,
Their lights are bright and boundless, their presence bold and stark.
You lie there, with their beauty and wonder at what they are:
These brilliant points of light that have travelled just so far.

Finally, sleep envelops you, no care is in your mind,
And in the morn awakening, wondering what you  will find.
The desert dawn comes fast, with colour bright and true,
The sky puts on a light show, and all of it for you

And  as the day grows brighter and the morning heat arrives,
You think of all those poor souls, that donít know theyíre alive.
You pack your swag and blanket and boil the morning tea,
Looking forward to the day and what it lets you see

When the trip is over and to home you must return,
With your heart and mind at peace, your troubles you can spurn.
The memory stays on with you, the beauty, peace and calm,
Until the time in the future, when again you need its balm.

Lachlan Story, December 2008.